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Befriending the Heart and Soul of Who You Are

Are you facing some difficult challenges in your life?  Trying your best, but tired of struggling with the pain and frustration on your own?  Have you ever wondered if there is more to life?  Or longed for the freedom and joy to simply be yourself and live the life you were meant to live?  

My work is devoted to helping you experience more joy and fulfillment by healing the pain and disharmony that stand in the way.   I honor the unique developmental path of each individual.  I work with you to bring forth the strengths, gifts and talents that come from the essence of who you are. 

I view the difficult challenges of life as openings for profound positive change.  Relationship conflicts, separation, loss, trauma, mid-life and other life transitions are doorways to deeper explorations that can further personal growth, enhance the quality of your relationships, and align your work with meaning and purpose. 



For couples - improving communication; resolving conflicts; rebuilding trust and intimacy; handling issues with in-laws; appreciating strengths and differences; balancing togetherness with individuality

For singles - recovering from the loss of your mate through divorce, separation, or death; embracing single life; overcoming fears of being alone; healing social anxiety; creating healthy relationships; balancing social time with quality alone time 

For families and organizations - developing the skills of communication and conflict resolution; understanding and respecting differences; building cooperation and teamwork; managing stressful situations with equanimity; finding shared values; working together with purpose, vision and fulfillment 


Managing job stress; preventing burnout; dealing with difficult boss or co-workers; healing from work addiction and procrastination; restoring meaning and purpose after job loss; empowering career change. 


Healing after loss death of a friend, family member, associate, co-worker, pets.  Loss of home; loss of job; divorce; relationship break-up; loss of a friendship


Navigating life transitions with renewed purpose — midlife crisis; career change; issues of aging; birth; death; relocation; loss of job


Healing from physical and emotional trauma; recovering from and preventing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; EMDR; Critical Incident Stress Debriefings


Discovering, honoring, and expressing the soul of who you are, the source of self confidence, creativity, and life fulfillment.  Cultivating self respect and healthy practices of self care and nourishment.  Taming the inner critic

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