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Contrary to popular beliefs and countless jokes — procrastination is not laziness.  It is neither a sign of incompetence nor a simple act of taking the easy way out.  This frustrating habit plagues intelligent, capable people and causes a great deal of inner conflict.  Far from the cartoon version of a contented lazy person relaxing on a hammock while sipping lemonade, being caught in the procrastination cycle is wrought with stress and discomfort.   The inner build-up of pressure is exhausting.  Loss of confidence and a general mood of discouragement often follow.  Meanwhile, the lists get longer as responsibilities pile up along with paper and clutter.  Your gifts and talents become stifled and even fun, creative projects are avoided.   

One of the reasons procrastination is so difficult to overcome on your own is due to its accompanying habit — self-judgment.  “I know what I need to do.  I just need to do it,” you might be saying.  Then you attack yourself with harsh self-criticism in an attempt to motivate yourself.  Unfortunately, this is the very approach that keeps the habit in place.   

The way to success, instead of berating yourself, is to develop a new style of self-management based on patience, understanding, and compassion.  This means learning to listen to the deeper layers of yourself without judgment.  By cultivating a healthy curiosity about your inner workings and your own true nature, you can uncover the root causes and take steps to free your creative voice. 

Though reading about methods to overcome procrastination can be helpful, it’s nearly impossible to simply will yourself to change with the use of information.   When root causes go unexamined, self-help books and time management systems end up being used against you by your inner critic.  “Now I really know what I should do and I’m still not doing it.  Must be something seriously wrong with me,” says your inner critic. 

Another reason it’s so difficult to end this habit on your own has to do with the accumulation of broken agreements with yourself.  Guilt, shame and a lack of self trust build over time and this increases the tendency to put things off. 

The magic ingredient in effective personal change is the presence of another human being with the understanding and expertise to help you heal the root causes while developing a new style of self management grounded in self-acceptance.  With the guidance of a skilled therapist/life coach, you can learn to create healthy structures of support, release the guilt and engage the power of your true talents.  

Anna Billings, psychotherapist/life coach in private practice for over thirty years, helps creative individuals overcome procrastination and creativity blocks through individual sessions, groups, and her workshop:  Momentum, Breaking the Cycle of Procrastination.

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