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Soulwork Retreats:

Day Journeys:  Northern California

Mount Shasta Retreat:  California

Sedona Retreat:  Arizona

Themes of Retreats:

  1. Revitalizing Ourselves: preventing burnout in work and caregiving

  2. Wisdom Walks: listening to nature’s wisdom-guidance

  3. Nature’s Balm: healing through grief and loss

  4. Sustenance for Heart and Soul: honoring our relationship with the natural world


Focusing: Body-mind awareness training for positive change 

Crossroads: Engaging Your Strengths in Times of Uncertainty and Change

The Upside of Aging: The Strengths and Wisdom of Age

Essential Play: Balancing Work with Healthy Play

Free to Be: The Joy of Being Who You Are in Relationships, Work, and Life

Momentum: Breaking Free from Procrastination

Process Painting: Freeing the Artist Within

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Workshops and Retreats

Soulwork Journeys